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When You Want Pain Relief, You Need To Call Dr. Locke



Ok, it's time for you to get pain relief. You could call any chiropractor when you're in pain. However, we need to report why your neighbors call Dr. Locke today for your nagging headaches, neck pain, back pain, hand & wrist pain, and knee pain.


You Want Fast, Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment!


Why do people choose Dr. Locke? Most of our patients were referred! Our patients say that treatment at Dr. Locke's Farmingdale office is fast, pain-free, and gentle.   


Dr. Locke has practiced treating muscle and joint pain for over 10 years, so there's a good chance that many of your friends (and neighbors) have been treated with similar experiences and results.


In fact, Dr. Locke is well- known in this area for his first visit guarantee that gives you a risk-free way to find the hidden cause of your nagging aches and pains. 


Five Reasons Why You Need
To See Dr. Locke Today


1)  Dr. Locke treats your pain quickly... without using drugs, needles, or surgery.  


2)   Dr. Locke has treated 3,738 local residents during the past ten years. Using specialized training and equipment, he's uniquely qualified to treat the pain that interferes with your job, relationships, or hobbies. 


3)  Dr. Locke's experienced staff will also manage the paperwork with your insurance to make sure you get ALL the care you deserve. 


4) If you need an attorney or medical doctor referral, Dr. Locke knows many in this area based on your specific needs, and... 


5)  Dr. Locke will recommend "quick & easy" pain-relieving home remedies to his patients and friends.


If your favorite home remedies for pain aren't working, then you need to call Dr. Locke's office now at (516)-913-4305 and ask whoever answers the phone that you'd like to schedule your $19 New Patient Special which includes:

        A private consultation with Dr. Locke to discuss the length and severity 
        of your health problem.
       A comprehensive examination of up to 40 painless diagnostic tests.
         A written report of your exam findings and your treatment options
         that will give you the fastest relief of your pain.
         First gentle treatment.

Our First Visit Guarantee!

If, for any reason, at the end of your evaluation you are not a candidate for care, or if you are unable to go through with treatment YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING FOR THE VISIT.  You may simply leave with the information about your case and we will part as friends.

So please, if you're still struggling with muscle and joint pain, call our office at (516) 913-4305 and ask for your $19 New Patient Special today!

Still Unsure About Seeing Dr. Locke?


For more information on our cutting-edge approach to common, chronic conditions, please visit our other websites: - for low back pain and sciatica. - for neck pain and headaches. - for wrist/hand pain from carpal tunnel. - for aches and pains from fibromyalgia.





I have been to Chiropractors before and must admit that I felt pessimistic regarding the care I was receiving. However, after my accident and failed treatments from other doctors, Dr. Locke was recommended to me. All of the things I couldn't stand about other Doctors were no more. No more sitting in the waiting room for an hour, a hot-pack, a quick crack that took all of 3 minutes and then you're sent on your way without even asking how you are feeling. With Dr. Locke I have his time, his attention, his amazing amount of knowledge and most important his care. From the very first visit I knew I was on my way to feeling better. Not only are my injuries healing but my whole body feels better. I couldn't imagine that I'd get better without Dr. Locke's care. I would and have recommended Dr. Locke to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone who needs care because that is what you receive...CARE! I wish all Doctors treated their patients as well as Dr. Locke does! - Michael Da’Melio


Dr. Locke is an outstanding healer of pain as well as an advocate of keeping you that way through exercises. He goes so much further than just a doctor, he’s a great friend and caregiver. My experience have all been pleasant ones due to his manor, intelligence, and support. Our times together seem more like my time with people I have known for years.    His good nature and patience makes me feel at ease and his sense of humor just adds to the fact that I’m feeling better than I have in years. I wish I could truly express all that he has done for me, but I’d need a larger page! - Joseph LaGreca


I would recommend Doctor Locke to any one of my family and friends. He is an extremely caring and perceptive doctor. Before I get a chance to point out what is ailing me, Doctor Locke finds the problem and promptly responds with "is this sore?"

The thing that perhaps impresses me most about Doctor Locke is his wide range of knowledge, which exceeds his necessary knowledge of chiropractic. His is knowledgeable on various topics in the medical field, especially current issues. He is the type of person that if you ask him a question that he is unable to answer, I get the feeling that he goes home and researches it until he understands the subject in great detail.

I feel safe and confident being treated by Doctor Locke. He has shown me that chiropractic is much, much more than being "cracked," or rather adjusted, and shooed out the door in less than five minutes. Dr. Locke cares about his patients as individuals and really wants to see them be healed. - Kimberly Anglin

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Dr. Locke is a certified
Active Release Technique
and Graston Technique